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Travel Humidors as Cigar Samplers

In the last 3 years there has been exponential growth in the use of travelhumidor as cigar samplers. Usually 10 cigars of different brands are placedinside the travel humidor and then offered to the customer as a great DEAL!


Why are cigar samplers important?

Cigar sampler is the latest addition in marketing of cigar and moving cigarsout of the stores. In the mid market and the high-end cigar segments travelhumidors as cigar sampler has found wider acceptance compared to otherpromotions like "t-shirts", "baseball caps"or "buy 10 cigars and get one free" programmes.

Why our cigar samplers have more acceptance?

The looks of our travel humidor has a perceived value of over 60 US Dollarswhich the customer is getting free with a 10 cigar buy.

What price can I buy this travel humidor?


We have a wide range of travel humidors tailor-made as cigar samplers. Theminimum quantity is 200 pcs. per style. XL is already running annualprogrammes with a large number of renowned cigar companies, cigarwholesalers and even large retailers with different models of travelhumidors as cigar samplers.

There have been instances where sales of cigar have increased more than 5times by introducing our cigar samplers. Click here for the enquiry form. Once we receive the filled up form, weshall get back to you with further details.

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Leather Smoking Accessories - A Great Longterm Promotion Tool

In the last 2 years we have seen huge growth in the use of high quality leather smoking accessories as a powerful promotional tool for both cigar companies as well as pipe and cigarette tobacco companies. With restrictions increasing severely in advertisement, outdoor hoarding and all forms of conventional promotions, leather smoking accessories is one of the very few useful alternatives left to promote a brand - both established as well as new.

Leather cigar cases with the brand name prominently embossed on the case is given FREE with even low purchases of 3,4 or 5 cigars. The cigar case is made from very good leather with excellent shape and contour and has to be a desirable accessory which the consumer (smoker) will be proud to carry. (not low quality products typical of conventional promotions).

While the price of the cigar case may or may not justify giving it FREE with the cigars, this cigar case acts as a constant brand reminder and there are high chances that the consumer will come back for the same brand of cigar. Thus the sale of this particular brand of cigar increases over time because of the cigar case. Brand switching is also reduced because of shape & size of the cigar.

The FREE gifting of cigar cases is similar in many ways to the "forgotten ways" of advertisement or outdoor promotion etc. by the cigar company where the spend on promotion cannot be instantly linked with the offtake of cigars from the retailers.

In similar manner good quality leather tobacco pouches with the brand name prominently embossed is a useful tool for promotion by pipe & cigarette tobacco companies. Also cigarette cases of designer quality have been effectively used by cigarette companies in this manner.

Several well known brands have utilized the designer capability of XL to come out with cigar cases, cigarette cases and tobacco pouches and have already utilized them successfully as promotion tools over the last two years.

The quantities start from 10,000 pieces and even for some, go up to 100,000 pieces per order.

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